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Our Mission

COMMUNITY - bringing you together with other ITFC fans

DIVERSITY - welcoming everyone to join and interact with us and the Club

VOICE - working to communicate the fans’ ideas to the Club



To represent every supporter of Ipswich Town Football Club around the world and provide them with a community that they are proud to be associated with.


We will do this by:

     Offering a positive link between Supporters and The Club.

Working with Club Officials to ensure information is shared bilaterally for the good of the club and its supporters.

Raising funds and using these to support Ipswich Town Football Club, or associated charities.

Ensuring supporters can access relevant information easily and can be consulted as required.

Assist in helping supporters influence strategic decisions by the club, in the best interest of the supporters and the Club.

Working within the local community and businesses to encourage wider involvement with Ipswich Town Football Club

Working on methods to reduce the environmental impact of travelling to matches.

Working with other supporters’ clubs to encourage a positive culture in supporting football.

Introducing the 5 Pillars
(The basis upon which the Board operates)


Organising events, whether that be in partnership with the Foundation, The Academy, our Branches or solely as a central event, are at the absolute heart of our activities and our objectives. To support this, our 2023 strategic review and Board restructure allocates a dedicated team of four, plus an events revenue executive, to this vital area. We expect 2024 to be a new beginning with more events, a higher profile and a more varied programme.


From Phoenix Arizona to Peninsula in Suffolk, our aim is to support organic growth in existing branches, and to grow our footprint all through the UK, Europe Asia and The Americas. We have added a lot of new Branches of late and now have over 50 Worldwide.


Whether it be this website, out Facebook page or via X, we want to bring you supporters club news from around the world, to keep you informed and to share opportunity to be involved.

IT & Branding

Contrasting priorities on this one, IT has to be compliant, accurate and has to provide intelligent helpful links across other platforms. Our Branding, now fully refreshed, is our opportunity to provide visual impact reflecting the values of the club.

In time, we hope to develop a range of merchandise too, for both fans and to supply to our Branches.

We hope you like the brand new logo

Deepening our relationship with ITFC

Although this sounds a bit obvious, our ability to support our fanbase with requests and questions, hold events and even our monthly board meeting all depend upon maintaining and constantly working on the relationship with ITFC. In an environment where we are under new ownership and in the wake of the COVID epidemic, every business, group and association lost momentum. We are no different. On top of that, we suffered the painful loss of our Chairman Martin Swallow. We are rebuilding, and we need to ongoing cooperation of the club to keep that growth going.

The Football Club has accelerated it's recovery well beyond ours, Our Pillars are our way of regaining our momentum and we need every bit of support from the club, from Mark Ashton down to the guys who kindly deliver coffee to our board meetings. They are all equally vital to us.

We deeply value the cooperation we receive.

Below is the perfect example of how the value of these relationships can be shown, with Club Chairman Mike O'Leary stepping in alongside our Vice Chairman Nathan Parris for a lesson on the drum!

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