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Minutes of the AGM, October 23rd 2023

The following Executive Committee members attended the meeting:

Mandy Garner, Nathan Parris, Teresa Swallow, Linda Byford, Sam Bishop, plus previously co-opted members Lauren Brunning and Baz Morgan-Smith


Welcome and introductions, overview of changes - Mandy opened the meeting at 707 pm, briefed the audience and highlighted the sadness that the team had felt following the loss of Martin Swallow last October as an overriding factor in changes and new members that joined during the year. She thanked Nicky Martin and Trish Clarke for their efforts before their respective retirements. Mandy also highlighted the need for us to recruit new committee members as a priority, as we move into a phase where on-field achievements are reaching new heights in our generation.


Apologies for absence – Apologies were recorded from Liz Edwards, Tim Brown, Richard Chandler, Liz Emsden, Sue Friend and Lewis Snow.


Election of the Executive Committee. – Mandy introduced Barry Morgan-Smith and Lauren Brunning as brand-new committee members, having been coopted during the year and asked for their election by the attendees. This was Proposed by Chris Hayes, seconded by Nicky Martin and approved by the floor unanimously. Barry then proposed reappointment of the remaining the existing executive committee. This was proposed by Helen Bergdahi, seconded by Rebecca Rattle and agreed by the floor.


Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting to be approved and accepted, and matters arising. These had been distributed in advance, and Barry confirmed that the committee had decided not to dedicate funds to the MND charity given the Football Clubs high profile support. The minutes were proposed by Matt Makin, seconded by Nicky Martin and approved from the floor


Chairperson’s report on Club’s activities over last 12 months, and vacancies to support our strategy. Mandy went through her chairman’s report, again this was copied to the floor in the pack. It was proposed by Dan Allen, seconded by Helen Bergdahi and approved by the floor


Treasurers Report - Income & Expenditure and the Balance Sheet of the Supporters Club. – Linda took us through her report, adding that liabilities had arisen to committee members personally following our inability to access our Bank account during the year. These would show in next year’s accounts as costs. The report was proposed by Rebecca Rattle, seconded by Chris Hayes and approved by the floor with one vote against.


AOB. Although no AOB had been proposed Barry invited questions. Discussion centred around the lack of events since Martins passing, a matter that would be addressed with a full program of events in the forthcoming year.


Mandy closed the meeting at 727pm.

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