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Treasurer's report to AGM, October 23rd 2023

Good evening Everyone,

Copies of the accounts for the year ended 30th June 2023 are available for everyone to view, either with a copy on your seat or there are further copies to look at on the front table.

The Revenue Account on Page 1, Balance Sheet on Page 2 and accompanying notes to the accounts on pages 3 and 4.

The Revenue Account on page 1 shows the Official Supporters Club income and expenditure during the year.

Total income received was £214.

Income was £200 from DP Tech who purchased Supporters. A signed Dom Ball hand drawn picture. The money is to be donated to Sarcoma UK on behalf of the Ipswich Town.

£14 was from Bank Interest.

Outgoing was £20 for the lottery License.

The Balance sheet on page 2 shows assets help at 30th June 2023 of £5030, of that £4930 is being held in Barclays Bank and £100 petty cash.

Any questions regarding these accounts.

Can we have someone to approve the accounts and second the accounts.

Once the accounts have been approved at the meeting they will be published on our website.

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