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Growing the Executive Team


Our team is growing!

We aim to align ourselves to 5 key Pillars, EVENTS, Our BRANCHES, an up to date and relevant IT & BRANDING, consistent and releveant COMMUNICATION, whilst DEEPENING OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH ITFC.

Our team will be bigger with all officers aligned to those Pillars. We want to deliver more for Fans, More Events, Continued growth of our Branch network worldwide. More, more more! The growth potential is limitless, So is our ambition!

We expect to announce new members of our board in December '23,  Much more to follow!


Player of the Season 22/23

Check out the latest pictures from the Player of the Season awards!


ITFC Supporters Club is committed to keeping the members of our community informed and involved. We love sharing news and updates with our fellow fans and want to make sure you never miss a thing. Check out some of our featured articles and stories below, and be sure to send us your questions, comments, and suggestions.

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