Statement re. Club Communication and TWTD

We, the Official Supporters Club of ITFC, continue to have regular, balanced and reasoned discussions with the Club on all football matters. We are encouraging the Club to be more communicative with all Supporters on a regular basis. Communication needs to improve!

In our view now is not the time for further disruption, we need to see our Club overcome the pandemic and get back to some semblance of normality. We are all frustrated by the recent performances and injuries and we all want our Club to be in a better place.

However, the seeming stagnation of our Club must not be allowed to continue! Whilst grateful for the continued financial support from our owner Marcus Evans to enable security during this crisis our record under his tenure is not one to be proud of.

We all want to be promoted this season and we hope that the Team can soon return to winning ways and that those with injuries recover soon.

We as a group continue to meet via Zoom on a monthly basis and any input from any supporter is welcome at all times

This weekend we became aware of the situation regarding Phil Ham. Over the last 25 years TWTD has been one of the best, if not the best run fan websites/forums in the entire football league. We politely suggest to Ipswich Town Football Club that his press privileges are reinstated forthwith.

It has been a difficult 9 months for everyone. Please continue to stay safe and well. I hope we can all enjoy in the limited way we are allowed to the forthcoming Festive Season and that our Club return to winning ways as soon as possible!

Mark Ramsay

Chairman Ipswich

Town Supporters Club

Twitter: @itscofficial

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