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Player of the Year Award Results 2021

The Player of the season vote has closed and well over 5000 votes were cast . Forty eight individual players received votes which I believe is the highest ever recorded . The overall winner for the season 2020-2021 is James Wilson and the runner up Tomas Holy .

The Club will present the trophy on behalf of the Official Supporters Club to him sometime over the weekend as we still have restricted access to Portman Road under the Covid 19 regulations laid out by the EFL. We are grateful to all supporters who participated and I am sure we all eagerly await the developments that are anticipated during the summer .

We have also just been made aware that our new sponsor for next season will be Ed Sheeran . Ed , although a worldwide star is truly one of us, a Suffolk Boy who has made us proud, he has helped spread the name of our Club far and wide . I look forward to wearing our new shirt with pride next season in the hope that it brings both Ed and Ipswich Town future success.

We are as always ‘ Better Together’ !

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