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Note to all ITFC Branch Chairs & Secretaries

The Official Committee are in the process of updating all branch contacts to enable us to improve communication across our supporters’ network. The new management team at our club actively welcomes suggestions, ideas and feedback from its fan base, and we have already had several productive contacts with them. All communication from branches is most welcome and valuable. However, it should be channelled through the Executive Committee using

If the same issues are raised by multiple branches in this way, it will give added weight to our collective feedback provided to the Football Club. Whilst social media allows for more immediate and public contact, to achieve real change on key issues we need to gain a clearer sense of the depth of feeling across our fanbase. This will enable us to have a more robust and less anonymous voice where it matters. This also gives us the opportunity to seek wider views on issues/opportunities such as donation of funds raised etc.

We need your help please in providing the following:

1. Branch Name:

2. Chair name (please include email address and contact number)

3. Secretary name (please include email address and contact number)

4. Number of members

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