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Players Awards Evening 2014

The 2013/2014 season Players Awards evening was held in The Sir Bobby Robson Suite on Saturday 12th April 2014. A full report will be posted here very shortly.



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Italian Branch YouTube channel - the Italian Branch of the ITFC Supporters Club have a YouTube channel which can be visited at this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHb8lIfs57QbEszJB9nqmjw


South West Branch - An Evening with Russell Osman

On Wednesday 9th April 2014, the newly formed South West England ITFC Supporters Club held a pub meet up in Bath, with special guest Russell Osman.

We were delighted that Russell offered to come along and do a 30 minute Q & A session with us. By the time he finished, he had been talking for two hours, which was engaging throughout. He was very generous with his time and had many fascinating stories. We asked him about his time with Bobby Robson, and what he thought of him (Bobby was very bad with remembering names apparently). We also quizzed him on European nights and the UEFA Cup run. He said that his favourite was a memorable night in France, beating Saint Etienne 4-1.

Amongst other things, we found out about his time filming Escape to Victory, his time working with the ITFC academy, and his managerial roles at both Bristol City and Bristol Rovers.

Everybody who came along had a fantastic evening. Sandwiches were laid on as well, with donations collected for the evening, meaning the club has raised its first amount of money, £68, which will go towards the running of future events.

Special thanks go to Tony Stimson for organising the Sandwiches, and Jon Banger for arranging Russell to come and talk to us.

If anyone in the South West area wants to get involved or be put on the mailing list, please contact James Farthing by email: james.farthing@btinternet.com


Supporters’ Day 2014 – the biggest and best yet - Saturday 15th March 2014

Supporters Day 2014We enjoyed a really great, and biggest ever, supporters’ day, which stretched over most of the weekend for many.  It all started Friday night – we had 13 members of our Italian branch in town, and they took on the more locally-based Punch Drunk at the Goals Soccer Centre.  Untypically, the Italians were modest in victory, an 8-7 win in a very well-fought game. 

We made an early start the next day, setting up Legends Bar for a lunchtime Q&A, interview, photo and autograph session with David McGoldrick, Frank Nouble, plus joint MD Ian Milne, all expertly hosted by Simon Milton.  Many of the children there found the white sleeve of their home shirts a perfect place for autographs – I do hope their mums weren’t too upset when they got home. 

Supporters Day 2014Huge thanks to Radio Suffolk and Mark Murphy, who broadcast the lunchtime show ‘Life’s a Pitch’ directly from Legends, with a chance for many fans to get on the air.  In addition to the Italians, we also welcomed fans from Northern Ireland, as well as new friends from Australia and South Africa. 

There was also a wonderful display of the ITFC “Memories Project”.  This is an initiative by Steve Robbins (who also does the hospital radio commentaries of Town games).  Steve brought along a selection of old programmes, player cards, books and papers and pictures, and explained how these can be used to help people who are developing memory problems.   We are looking to launch this initiative in full towards the start of next season and are looking for volunteers, as well as resources (old programmes, photos, papers etc).

Supporters Day 2014After the match,it was our annual ‘Legends in Legends’ event - we were delighted to welcome newly-inducted Hall of Fame members Paul Cooper and Bryan Hamilton along with Allan Hunter,Mick Stockwell,Ted Phillips, Ray Crawford and John Wark.What a fantastic group of players,each of them playing a massive part in our glorious past,and how wonderful it was to see fans wanting to spend time with them and relive those memories. 

As if all that was not enough, Crazee turned up to promote his trot around Ipswich for Sports Relief, and then we were entertained by Irish Band, Bric-a-Brac, with a late opening seeing record sales of Adnam’s superb beers.

Supporters Day 2014 Supporters Day 2014

Supporters Day 2014 Supporters Day 2014

Supporters Day 2014 Supporters Day 2014

Supporters Day 2014 Supporters Day 2014

Supporters Day 2014 Supporters Day 2014


Massive "On The Road" evening in Brantham:
Carlos Edwards, Stephen Hunt, Tyrone Mings, Alan Lee, Simon Milton and joint MD Ian Milne attend Supporters Club’s event - at Brantham Bull Public House, Brantham, on the Suffolk / Essex border.

Supporters Club's Event at Brantham Bull March 2014Our latest “ITFC On the Road” event took over the Brantham Bull, as ever devotedly hosted by licencees and season-ticket holders, Paul and Gemma Chenery.  In addition to Milts, we also welcomed Carlos Edwards, Stephen Hunt, Tyrone Mings and Alan Lee, all of whom had some great stories for us throughout the evening, as well as chatting to fans, posing for pictures, and signing all kinds of memorabilia. 

Supporters Club's Event at Brantham Bull March 2014With Milts and Alan Lee about to embark on the Football League’s Amsterdam cycle run, the evening raised £1,041 for Prostate Cancer charities and the Academy, from raffle and auction.  They’ll be joined by James Hacker, known to some as a fan, and to others from contact with the ITFC ticket office.  The quiz was not quite as impossible as I feared – it was won with a very, very high score by Clacton Branch members Mark and Lewis. I’d like to say they were given a close run by Carlos Edwards and Tyrone Mings, but that might have been stretching things a bit too far.

Supporters Club's Event at Brantham Bull March 2014 Supporters Club's Event at Brantham Bull March 2014

Supporters Club's Event at Brantham Bull March 2014 Supporters Club's Event at Brantham Bull March 2014

Supporters Club's Event at Brantham Bull March 2014 Supporters Club's Event at Brantham Bull March 2014

Supporters Club's Event at Brantham Bull March 2014 Supporters Club's Event at Brantham Bull March 2014

Supporters Club's Event at Brantham Bull March 2014 Supporters Club's Event at Brantham Bull March 2014



ITFC Supporters - Italy Branch - New T-Shirt

Italian Branch new T-Shirt


This is the new italian branch t-shirt 1936.
The t-shirt is “retro style” 100% peach cotton and the crest is a pocket!

The cost is 30 € (with 10% for Inspire Suffolk)
All size are available (from S to 3XL)

For information or to order send an email to Paolo at: calcio@calcioretro.it



Christophe Berra, Paul Anderson, Alan Lee, and Simon Milton attend Supporters Club’s West Suffolk event - at Bury Town Football Club in Bury St Edmunds

ITFC On The Road in Bury St Edmunds 2014The Supporters Club took ITFC “on the road” to Bury Town Football Club, in Bury St Edmunds on Monday 10th February 2014.  The club was well represented, with Christophe Berra, Paul Anderson, and Alan Lee answering questions, posing for photos and signing autographs.


Approximately 100 fans were in attendance.

Former world darts champion Keith Deller was also in attendance and contributed some amusing stories during the evening.

ITFC On The Road in Bury St Edmunds 2014

The evening raised £423 for the Academy, through an auction of a pair of tickets for attending a forthcoming match in the directors box, and football shirts recently worn in matches by Christophe and Paul, plus a raffle.


There was a quiz, devised by Supporters Club committee members Nigel Cole and Paul Voller, which tested the knowledge of Ipswich Town.

ITFC On The Road in Bury St Edmunds 2014

The Q&A saw fans ask many interesting questions, and they received excellent, interesting, and often amusing answers. All in all it was a hugely enjoyable evening.

Thanks are due to Martin Swallow (ITFC Supporters committee member, and Bury Town fan as well as Ipswich Town fan), and his mate Richie Moss for their hard work at the venue on the day of the event and during the evening at the event.

ITFC On The Road in Bury St Edmunds 2014

Thanks are due to Martin Swallow (ITFC Supporters committee member, and Bury Town fan as well as Ipswich Town fan), and Chris Ward for their hard work setting the venue up, and to Richie Moss for doing a great job manning the door at the event.


We are also very grateful to ITFC for the support given to this event.

Thanks are also due to Bury Town Football Club Chairman Russell Ward, his son Chris, and his bar staff for making this event held at their venue the success that it was. We wish Bury Town FC well for the remainder of this season and beyond.

The Bury Free Press interviewed Alan Lee at the end of this event.
A video of Alan responding to the interviewer can be found on the Bury Free Press website at this page:


The Bury Free Press article on this event can be found at this page:


Supporters' Forum held in November 2013

The most recent ITFC Supporters Forum took place in November 2013.  It was agreed at the forum that ITFC would produce a report for circulation to all fans.   This report appeared in the Charlton home game match programme and can be found in the attached link on the club website:


If you have any questions on the report or have anything that you would like raised at the next forum which is taking place on 1st February please email officialitsc@btinternet.com


Italy Branch - interview with Turnstile Blues

The Italy Branch were recently interviewed by the fanzine Turnstile Blues. The interview can be found at this website location: http://www.turnstile-blues.co.uk


Ipswich Town - news announcement regarding setting up of an Academy Programme and their relationship with the Trust

Please click HERE for more details.


Ipswich Town Supporters Club AGM

The ITSC AGM was held in Legends Bar at Portman Road on Wednesday 30th October 2013.   All seven members of the committee put themselves forward for re-election.  No other nominations were received.  All seven were re-elected to the committee, namely, Elizabeth Edwards (Chair), Rita MacKenzie (Secretary), Stephen Doe (Treasurer), Irene Davey, Paul Voller, Martin Swallow and Nigel Cole.   

The papers relating to the AGM will be put on this website, www.itfcsupporters.co.uk shortly.

Following the AGM there was a Q&A with joint MD Ian Milne and Club Secretary and Supporters Liaison Officer Sally Webb.   A write up of this can be found at the following link, http://www.twtd.co.uk/ipswich-town-news/23895/milne-still-no-contact-from-fai



ITFC Supporters - Italy Branch - opportunity to purchase polo shirts

In co-operation with CALCIO RETRò (old style football shop in Milan) the Italy Branch of the ITFC Supporters Club have created the new Italian Branch old style polo shirt.

Visit this website for details: http://calcioretro.wordpress.com/2013/10/24/collezione-polo-old-style-per-la-itfc-italian-branch/

Sizes available:

- NAVY: M - L - XL
- WHITE: S - M - L - XL - XXL  
- BLACK: M - L - XL - XXL 
- RED: S - M - L - XL - XXL  
- KHAKI: S - M - L - XL - XXL  

For order the polo send your enquiry with size and address to:

Here are two photographs of Carlos Edwards modelling an Italy Branch polo shirt:

Carlos Edwards modelling an Italy Branch polo shirt Carlos Edwards modelling an Italy Branch polo shirt


ITFC Academy

Here is some information on the ITFC Academy and opportunities for sponsorship as the Club aims for Category 1 status:

The link to the Academy website can be found here http://www.itfcacademy.com/

A video has also just been launched on the Academy Vision.  This can be found at the following link, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Peo_R_3f9JA#action=share 



New White Shirt for Italian Branch

Here are photographs of the new white with logos made by the Italian Branch of the Supporters Club:

Italian Branch White Shirt Italian Branch White Shirt


Australasia Branch Newsletters

Volume 8, Issue 7 of the newsletter "The Punch Downunder", produced by the Australasia branch, can be downloaded by clicking HERE

Volume 8, Issue 6 of the newsletter "The Punch Downunder", produced by the Australasia branch, can be downloaded by clicking HERE

Volume 8, Issue 5 of the newsletter "The Punch Downunder", produced by the Australasia branch, can be downloaded by clicking HERE

Volume 8, Issue 4 of the newsletter "The Punch Downunder", produced by the Australasia branch, can be downloaded by clicking HERE

Volume 8, Issue 3 of the newsletter "The Punch Downunder", produced by the Australasia branch, can be downloaded by clicking HERE

Volume 8, Issue 2 of the newsletter "The Punch Downunder", produced by the Australasia branch, can be downloaded by clicking HERE

Volume 8, Issue 1 of the newsletter "The Punch Downunder", produced by the Australasia branch, can be downloaded by clicking HERE

These issues, and previous back issues, are all downloadable from the Australasia Branch page within this website.


Witham Branch - away coach travel question

Message from Secretary, Paul Heath:

I'm Paul Heath, secretary of the Witham branch. a few of us have been chatting and wondering if the new wave of optimism that is flowing around being a town fan at the moment might mean that a few more fans would like to travel to away games on a local supporters coach?

I have spoken to a local coach company that will be happy to take us and would pick up in Witham and Chelmsford, all I need to do now is find if it would be viable  this is where I ask for your help in getting the question out to the good folks of Witham and district. Supporters can contact me on 07734 320618 or the preferred route of p.heath157@btinternet.com


Football League Guide to Disabled Facilities and Ticketing at Championship grounds

Please find below a link to the Football League Guide to Disabled Facilities and Ticketing at Championship grounds:



Italy Branch - Charity Match - October 2013

The Italy Branch of our supporters club partook in a charity match in October 2013. Here is their report on this event:

Good football day last Saturday - 12 October 2013 - in Milan for supporters of Athletic Bilbao, Celtic, ITFC and PNE.

The autumn supporters trophy goes to PNE but for ITFC italian branch was a good tournament with good results and new trophy (3rd palce) to add to the trophy room.

The first game for our team was against Italian Celts and we showed a good performance with a win for 5 – 1 with a brace for our new add Ennio Bovolenta, and goals from the veteran Claudio Longo, captain for this tournament (first goal for him in ITFCIB shirt), Davide Casati and Simone Longo.

The game against PNE was very exciting and balanced: for Davide Casati one goal and one post, and the end of the match the final score was 2 – 1 for our opponents.

The last game vs Bilbao starting good for our blues boys, goal from Bovolenta (top goalscorer for us) but in the last minutes of the game the team was very tired and suffered the return of the Athletic Team that equalized at 4 minutes to the end and in the last second of the match find the winning shoot: 2 – 1 for the Basque side.

-ITFC – Celtic 5 – 1
(C. Longo, Bovolenta (2), Casati, S.Longo)
-ITFC – PNE 1 – 2
-ITFC – Bilbao 1 – 2

Points 3 (P 3, W 1, L2, GF 7, GA 5)

1 Fabio Cardillo Piccolino (GK), 2 Luca Capellini, 5 Claudio Longo (C), 6 Ennio Bovolenta, 7 Simone Longo, 8 Francesco Caldarola, 9 Francesco Rezzonico, 10 Davide Casati.

1 PNE 9 pts
2 Bilbao 6 pts
3 ITFC 3 pts
4 Celtic 0 pts

At the end of the tournament all to drink some good beers at Off Side English pub!
As always, we have turned our attention to raising funds for ITFC Charitable Trust.

Italy Branch of ITFC Supporters team, and the trophy:

Italy Branch ITFC Supporters Team Italy Branch ITFC Supporters Football Trophy


Simone Longo


Italy Branch - Charity Match - July 2013

The Italy Branch of our supporters club partook in a charity match in July 2013. Here is their report on this event:

In a very hot afternoon in Milan (35°C), Saturday 6 July 2013, we played our first charity match, a friendly 5 a side game with our friends of Italian Celts (Celtic FC italian supporters).

No trophy for the winners, the only one goal was raise money for our charity foundations: ITFC charitable trust for us and Sainam Foundation (that help children in Thailand) for Celts…and the goal was been centered.

In a great fair play atmosphere, Celts won a very intense match for 8 goals to 6: honor to Italian Celts!

Very good work from the 2 branches. After the match, we went all together to an English pub in Milan for a great time spent together sharing our passion for football and beer!

For sure was the first but not the last charity match, we will play others matches like these in the future!

As ITFC Italian Branch, obviously, we enjoyed it: ITFC is like a family for us and we are proud to be part of it as one team, and initiatives like this help us to cancel the distance there is between Ipswich and Milan!

Our locker room:

Locker Room

Our team:
1 Fabio Cardillo (GK), 6 Mirko Dalla Rosa, 5 Claudio Longo, 7 Simone Longo, 8  Francesco Caldarola
10 Francesco Rezzonico, 11 Frank Ferrari and 9 Mattia Pirola

Our Team

Goal scores for us:
Francesco Rezzonico, Francesco Caldarola, Mirko Dalla Rosa, Mattia Pirola and Simone Longo (2).

A special tanks for all the participants, and all ITFC, and all the people that believe in us.


Simone Longo


Players Awards Evening 2013

Tommy Smith collecting his awardThe 2013 Players Awards evening was held at Legends bar on Saturday 27th April 2013. Approximately 170 supporters attended the event, which was hosted by the Supporters Club. BBC Radio Suffolk's Terry Baxter was the MC for the awards ceremony.

The player who received the most votes, and indeed a massive percentage of the total votes for the 2012 / 2013 Player of the Season was Tommy Smith. Runner up was Luke Chambers, with last season's winner Aaron Cresswell in third place.

Luke Chambers accepting his awardIn addition to awards for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, made by main supporters club officials Irene Davey, Martin Swallow, Liz Edwards, and Rita MacKenzie, each permanent player who made their debut during the season was awarded with a tankard and loanees a salver by representatives of supporters club branches who were in attendance. Players who picked up a tankard were Scott Loach, Elliott Hewitt, Luke Chambers, Richard Stearman, Patrick Kisnorbo, Guirane N'Daw, Anthony Wordsworth, David McGoldrick, Jay Tabb, Paul Taylor, and Frank Nouble.

All debutants who were not in attendance will have their awards sent to them shortly.

Mention was made to previous loan players who had contributed to Ipswich maintaining their Championship place after a tricky start - in particular DJ Campbell, Richie Wellens, and Bradley Orr.

Aaron Cresswell collecting his awardThe Academy player of the year was Jack Marriott, who has impressed hugely during this season with his goals and ability. His award was received by Simon Milton. June Stroud, who presented the award to Simon, has been invited to the training ground to present Jack with his award.

The evening included a fine and very generous buffet, a disco, and the chance for fans to meet the players, obtain autographs, and to have their photo taken with players.The players were very happy to mingle with the fans and this made for an hugely enjoyable evening.

Mick McCarthy made a great speech, and answered many interesting questions put to him by Terry Baxter.

The legend that is Kevin Beattie also answered questions from Terry Baxter and heaped praise on the performance of the Ipswich defence in recent times - deserved praise from the best defender ever to represent Ipswich and one of England's finest defenders too.

Luke Chambers, Liz, and Terry

The mood of the players and coaching staff was very upbeat after what has been a fantastic season since Mick McCarthy became Ipswich Town manager early in November 2012 - we have much to look forward to in the 2013/2014 season.

All in all it was a massively enjoyable evening.


Thanks go to Terry Baxter, the staff of Legends Bar, Simon Milton and Tim Edwards for their excellent MC duties, and Franc MacKenzie who took many excellent photographs for the Supporters Club during the evening.

Below are a few more photographs taken during the evening. These include Terry Baxter interviewing Tommy Smith, the awards table with the various trophies, a delighted Aaron Cresswell collecting his 3rd place award from Rita, and Mick McCarthy pictured with committee member and website editor Nigel Cole.

Tommy Smith and Terry The Awards

Aaron Cresswell and Rita Mick McCarthy and Nigel


Tommy Smith, Carlos Edwards, Jason Brown, MD Ian Milne, and Simon Milton attend Supporters Club’s East Suffolk event - at Brantham Bull

Brantham ITFC on the roadThe Supporters Club took ITFC “on the road” again to the Brantham Bull, near Manningtree on Monday 8th April.  The club was really well represented, with captain Carlos Edwards, plus Tommy Smith and goalkeeper Jason Brown answering questions, posing for photos and signing autographs.

Managing Director Ian Milne joined the second half of the Q&A, which was compered, expertly of course, by Simon Milton. 

Brantham ITFC on the roadThe evening raised nearly £700 for the Academy, through an auction of boots, shirt and gloves from the players, plus a raffle.  There was a quiz, devised by Supporters Club committee members Nigel Cole and Paul Voller,which tested our knowledge of obscure goalkeepers (most of whom Milts had played with) and Town ephemera. 

The Q&A saw fans really put the players on the spot.  Tommy took a wee bit of stick from both Carlos and Jason for insisting that Mick McCarthy is his best-ever manager.  Carlos explained how Leo Beenhakker – who steered Trinidad & Tobago to the 2006 World Cup finals – was his hero manager.  Jason invited ridicule – which we didn’t give him, as we’re Town fans and too polite – when he nominated Sam Allardyce as his best-ever manager. 

Brantham ITFC on the roadWe also got an early insight into the possible destination of this year’s Players’ Player of the Year award, with Tommy giving a name-check to Luke Chambers, but both Tommy and Carlos talking about the huge influence that Luke Hyam has had on the second half of the season. 

Thanks are due to Rita MacKenzie and the rest of the Manningtree branch of the Supporters Club, plus Paul and Gemma Chenery (and their children) at the Brantham Bull, who are totally committed Town fans and who made every effort to make us all welcome.  Their hog roast was memorably wonderful too!

Brantham ITFC on the road


Annual Supporters Day - biggest yet

The annual Supporters Day is now a fixture in the Supporters Club diary and this year’s was the biggest and best yet, taking place on Saturday 16th March 2013, around the home game against Bolton.  We had begun to plan the event at the very start of the season, to give as many fans as possible a chance to organise travel to Ipswich. 
There have been a few changes at the club in the meantime – new players, management and executive staff, so we ended with a rather different line-up and agenda to that expected.  ITFC were immensely supportive, and we owe huge thanks to Sally Webb, Lynn Warner, Rosie Richardson, Clare Morley, Jade Cole and Steve Pearce, in addition to our more famous guests.

The first half was a lunchtime event.  A huge crowd took over the Mulberry Tree pub, welcoming first teamers Frank Nouble and Anthony Wordsworth, together with new Managing Director Ian Milne, all chaperoned expertly by Simon Milton.  There was a Q&A for 45 minutes, with questions ranging from the owner’s vision for the club and his commitment, through to the coaching techniques of Terry Connor and the difference between playing for ColU and Ipswich. 
Meanwhile, at the other end of the pub, Mark Murphy hosted a live outside broadcast of Radio Suffolk’s “Life’s a Pitch” magazine programme, ably supported by Phil Ham and Tractorboy.  Mark is a consummate professional, effortlessly drawing in conversations with fans from Norway, Italy, Bulgaria and Orkney, as well as Frank Nouble, Ian Milne, Simon Milton plus Rita Mackenzie and Liz Edwards from the Supporters Club.
By 2pm, we were ready for a half-time break, so our focus moved to the other end of town, to Portman Road.  The team did not let us down, grinding out a performance that restricted the league’s form team, Bolton, to very few chances, whilst we came pretty close ourselves a number of times.  Then, in the 88th minute, Carlos Edwards had a couple of bites at the end of a cross that followed great work by JET, burying the ball low in the corner of the net.  A sign of how things have changed was the ease with which we defended out the 1-0 lead for the last five minutes. 
The second half of the social agenda took place immediately post-match in Legends Bar.  Hundreds of fans turned out to meet first teamers Carlos Edwards, Aaron Cresswell, Luke Hyam and Michael Chopra - and Legends John Wark, Bryan Hamilton, Jason Dozzell and James Scowcroft.  Photos were taken and autographs collected.  Our Italian branch were delighted to be able to present their Player of the Year award in person to Carlos Edwards – though they did get a wee bit distracted when John Wark showed up at the same time. 
The Charitable Trust’s Archive Project had some amazing artefacts on display from across many decades of Town’s history, organised by Peter Funnell, and we were delighted that both Dave Muller, Chair and Terry Baxter, CEO, of the Trust joined in the post-match chat.  Fans had crowded around the rarely-if-ever displayed cups, trophies and other memorabilia.  Club legend Pat Godbold was also telling stories from the insider’s perspective – she was secretary to Sir Alf and Sir Bobby, and is still so closely involved with maintaining and promoting the club’s heritage.
It’s not just about heritage – many of our younger fans took part in a football game on a Nintendo WII, with prizes awarded to many.  But for me a highlight was seeing a dad, with his young son, pointing out the players from the 1981 team on a poster, and talking about his own heroes.  It proves to me that our heritage is as much about our future as our past. 

There are still major Supporters Club events to come at Brantham on Monday 8th April, and our annual Player Awards Evening in Legends Bar following the Birmingham home game on Saturday 27th April – but already we are trying to work out how to top this year's Supporters Day next season. The photographs above were taken during the day. More photographs can be found on the ITFC Italy Branch blog - which can be found at http://itfcitalianbranch.blogspot.it/2013/03/supporters-day-13032013.html


Ipswich Town Football Archive
Since its launch on 18 August 2012 at the home game against Blackburn Rovers the Ipswich Town football archive project has made outstanding progress. This was clear when the team brought items from the archive to our supporters’ event on 16 March 2013. Supporters enjoyed the opportunity to get up close to rarely seen items including trophies from the 1970’s and an old style leather T ball signed by the 1938/39 team in fountain pen!

The archive project, which has been generously supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has catalogued and will use the Club's unique collection of football artefacts, programmes, trophies, historic documents, visual images, audio recordings and other memorabilia as a source of inspiration. In particular it will support the ITFC Charitable Trust develop new materials to support its teaching programmes and a range of learning initiatives, particularly in numeracy and literacy where the stories that surround items from the archive offer a strong and exciting motivation to learn. The project is also capturing oral histories on topics and themes thrown up by the archive, researching local history and staging exhibitions from the archive on-line, within the Portman Road stadium and elsewhere.

Overall the project aims to enable local people to explore the links between the development of Ipswich as an urban centre within a predominantly rural county during the 20th century and the inter-related development of the football club from its amateur beginnings in 1878, its progression to professional status in 1936 and its more recent periods of national and international success.

The project is being lead for the ITFC Charitable Trust by Suffolk-based heritage experts Oakmere Solutions Ltd.

To find out more about the Archive project visit: http://www.itfccharitabletrust.org.uk/football-activities/25-what-we-do/180-ipswich-town-football-archive

Can you help the project?: learn more about the Club’s heritage and its place in the local community? Do you have stories or artefacts to contribute and share? If so please let the project know by emailing us at trustarchive@itfc.co.uk. The project team will get back to you. The project is particularly interested to discover more about the history of Portman Road just before and after the two world wars, including match programmes for the period 1936 – 1939, and stories around the move towards professional football in Ipswich during the 1930’s.

Chambers, Murphy, Klug and Milts attend Supporters Club’s West Suffolk event
Monday 11th February 2013 saw this season’s first “On the Road” event, with 100 Town fans coming along to Bury Town FC to meet first team players Luke Chambers and Daryl Murphy, as well as Academy supremo Bryan Klug and Town (oh, and Bury) legend Simon Milton.  

The main part of the evening was an informal Q&A with fans able to ask questions ranging from tactics to performances, to the attractions of living in Suffolk, and attitudes to social media.  A half-time interval gave opportunities for West Suffolk Event 11 February 2013autographs and photos, as well as a chance to browse some of the latest offerings from Planet Blue.  Bryan Klug provided some great insights into the running of the Academy, the recent success in achieving Category 2 status, and his future plans to bring players through into the first team.  


It wasn’t just about Q&A though.  There was a picture quiz (featuring photos sourced from Tim Edwards’ phone), featuring football grounds around the world, and Town players past, present and future.   A series of spot questions left everyone in no doubt that Milts did actually score more goals for Town (56) than either James Scowcroft or Darren Bent (each 55).  
A raffle and auction (of a Daryl Murphy shirt and Luke Chambers boots, plus match tickets in the Directors Box) raised around £400 for the academy.  

West Suffolk Event 11 February 2013It was a really good chance to get to meet ITFC players and staff, as well as to get a good look at Bury Town FC, who are one of the top non-league clubs in Suffolk.  

Look out for the next “On the Road” event, which is going to be held in the Manningtree area on Monday 8th April. We will be sticking with a similar format, though the quiz questions might be a little easier next time around!

Here are a few more of the photographs taken during the evening:-

West Suffolk Event 11 February 2013 West Suffolk Event 11 February 2013

West Suffolk Event 11 February 2013 West Suffolk Event 11 February 2013

Huge turnout at Supporters Club 2012 AGM

I guess we should not pretend that the business of the Supporters Club AGM was the big draw for most fans on the evening of 24th October 2012.  After all, it was the day that Paul Jewell left the club, and we had Simon Clegg, Bryan Klug and Simon Milton taking questions from an audience of well over 100 fans.

Liz Edwards led the AGM, thanking retiring committee members Barry Calver (who is doing a huge job for the ITFC Charitable Trust) and Tammy Denny (with new family responsibilities as well as a demanding day job).  Liz also especially remembered our friend, Gary Mullenger, who tragically died during the year aged just 44. Nigel Cole has joined the committee, having done a superb job redesigning our website, www.itfcsupporters.co.uk.   Continuing committee members are Irene Davey, Rita McKenzie (Secretary), Stephen Doe (Treasurer), Paul Voller and Martin Swallow. 
As a reminder, Liz Edwards is always to be found in Legends Bar after every daytime home game, and is also at every away game, so do contact her in person to raise any issues.

The minutes of the 2011 AGM, in PDF format, can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

The Chair's report, delivered at the 2012 AGM, in PDF format, can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

The accounts for 2011-2012 season, in PDF format, can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

Clegg, Klug and Milton face the fans 

You can’t accuse the club’s management of ducking a challenge.  On the night of 24th October 2012, we were bottom of the league, only one win all season, we had parted company with Paul Jewell that very day, and the mood amongst the fans was pretty grim.  Yet Simon Clegg, ably assisted by Academy Manager  Bryan Klug and Town legend Simon Milton, turned up, avoided prepared scripts and fielded questions from well over 100 fans for almost two hours.

Most of the questions of course concentrated on our appalling start to the season.  Our form, team selections, transfer policy and the available budget for players .  Clegg explained that neither he nor club owner Marcus Evans interfere with the decisions of the manager.  As you would expect,  many people wanted to know why Paul Jewell had been given so long, Clegg’s the response being Marcus Evans’ insistence of respecting the Town tradition of giving managers every chance to succeed).

You didn’t need to be at the event to take part – dozens of questions had been sent in by email and via websites (most of which were addressed during the Q&A), and the East Anglian Daily Times ran a live weblog of the event, followed by fans across the world.  Praise also to Phil Ham, who posted an excellent summary of proceedings on http://www.twtd.co.uk/ at 0400 the next day. 


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A supporters forum has been set up by the football club, the aim of which is to help the Club to improve its performance in a range of areas including retail, ticketing, match entertainment, communications, programmes, safety, security and catering (not a forum for the debate of either on-field/player issues or the Club's finances).
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If you'd really like to save some petrol money, why not consider lift sharing to matches? Apart from saving on fuel, you'll reduce wear and tear on your car as well as helping to ease congestion. ITFC have a group on the web-site to promote this activity. Not only would this save money for people but also help towards the saveyourenergyfortheblues campaign.
If you don't know anyone locally to share with, why not sign up with Liftshare.org - they can put you in touch with other drivers and passengers willing to car share.