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Welcome to www.itfcsupporters.co.uk - the home of the Ipswich Town Football Club Official Supporters Club. The Supporters Club is a part of ITFC, but we are run independently by volunteers. Our main objective is to provide the vital link between the Club and the fans, wherever they may be.


  • *Social events with current and ex-players, both in Ipswich and around the UK.
    A report on the 2014 / 2015 Players Awards Evening, held can be found on the NEWS page in this website.

    A report on our ITFC On The Road events held over the last few months can be found also on the NEWS page - these events are very popular and enjoyable.

  • *Q&A sessions with club executives including the Club manager
  • *Opportunities for members all over the world to question the club via email Q&A
  • *Organisation of the annual Player Awards Evening,including online and at-stadium voting

    We have a global network of over 30 affiliated branches, organising activities according to their local needs. Click HERE to visit the branches page in this site, or alternatively choose from this drop-down list:

We attend the club's supporters forum, liaise with all departments at ITFC, including ticketing, matchday organisation, stewarding / policing, and raise issues of importance directly with the club's senior management including the Managing Directors. In turn, the club consults us on major initiatives, which have included the commemorations for Sir Bobby Robson, and celebrating various key anniversary dates in our history.

We are not a political organisation - our agenda is simply about enjoying being Town fans,
and about being a part of our club, rather than just paying customers. Branches as well as individual members are involved in the Academy sponsorship programme, and enjoy
meeting Academy coaches and players, as well as watching training and matches.

For more information on what we do please see the attached updated PDF document - click here to download - or read on below.

Follow the various links on each page to find out contact details of the Executive committee and information for all branches. If there is a branch in your area, there is a good chance they will organise events and activities that you will be interested in. Several branches run a coach to matches.

If there isn't a branch anywhere near you, why not set one up?

Our main email contact is officialitsc@btinternet.com



The Supporters Club is a part of ITFC itself, and we are grateful for the support of
ITFC in many of our activities. We receive no financial assistance at all, and our
Committee are all volunteers.

This note explains the role of the Supporters Club – it begins with our formal
“objectives and purpose” from our constitution, and then outlines our main

No one is forced to take part in activities. Most fans simply want to go to
matches, maybe have lunch or a drink with friends and family. Others like to be
part of a branch, especially those who live a distance away from Ipswich. Around
2,000 fans take part in one or more Supporters Club activities during the course
of the year, and well over 100 are active branch committee members, organising
events and travel for their members.

Extract from our constitution:

“Objectives and Purpose of the Club"
1.1. To encourage the support of Ipswich Town Football Club (hereinafter
called “the Football Club”) throughout the community, in Ipswich, the
region, nationally and internationally.

1.2. To represent the views of the membership directly to the Football Club
and to help the Football Club to respond to the membership in a way that
supports mutual respect and understanding.

1.3. To work with the Football Club to help to progress its own aims,
objectives and development, including assistance with projects where fan
support is required and to work to develop new ideas for mutual benefit.

1.4. To promote the interest of the supporters of Ipswich Town Football Club
(hereinafter called “the supporters”) both in their relationship with the
Football Club and more widely in the football industry.

1.5. To encourage and maintain acceptable standards of conduct by members
of the Club and the wider supporter base.

1.6. To encourage supporters’ social activities.

1.7. To encourage supporters’ travel to football matches.

1.8. To encourage friendly relations with supporters of all football clubs.”

Over 15,000, including all season ticket holders, silver club members, junior
blues and members of branches

Membership is free, which means as many people as possible are able to
attend our growing number of events

Main Supporters Club
A part of ITFC, though run independently by volunteers
Coordinates branches and worldwide membership, and runs Player Awards
Evening, Supporters Themed Day and AGM with Club Q&A

Committee meets regularly to organise events and ensure branches and
wider membership’s issues are addressed

Branches invited to attend most committee meetings and have a vote at the

Club official attends our meetings to discuss club issues

Meetings are occasionally held on a matchday so as to involve branches from
outside the region.

Branch Network
Coordinates 33 branches across Suffolk, UK and world – some, especially the
smaller or further-away branches – need more help than others. Others,
mostly local and well-established run themselves without central involvement
Branches have committees – some charge membership fees, some don’t

All branches are self sufficient:
o Independent financially and in organisation
o Free to set their own agenda as long as it is consistent with ITFC/ITSC
core principles

Local branches tend to organise coach travel to home (and some away)
games, fund raising activities, socials etc

Branches further away tend to do car shares, pre-match meets, and make
greater use of social media to keep in touch with far-flung membership.
Main committee helps branches with requests for club support (e.g. response
to questions or issues, speakers at branch events) and club memorabilia for

New branches are always welcome

Some branches run coaches to home games and some, occasionally, to
away games – most struggle to breakeven on this – for example, one branch
subsidises their coach travel through a wide programme of fundraising

Note that the Supporters Club does not run the official away transport
(Galloways) – this is run by ITFC at cost

We did work with ITFC, Ipswich buses to see if anything could be set up
across the region as per Norwich and Charlton but both these clubs lost / lose
a lot of money

ITFC has arranged for deals on local buses on a matchday if season tickets
are shown.

Overseas fans
Jon Craig is our Overseas Co-ordinator

Arranges meetings with club officers ground visits for overseas fans
Helps overseas supporters when visiting Portman Road (and away games),
with advice re tickets, pubs, people - joining them on pub-crawls and curries

Gives them a chance to contribute to the matchday programme
Coordinates contact between overseas branches


Player Awards Evening for up to 300 people, open to all members, including
awards for Player of the Year, young Player of the Year, and for all debutants,
also Young Fan of the year

Player of the Year voting, collecting over 10,000 votes at the ground plus a
further 2,000 votes online

Supporters themed day (annual since 2010), including lunchtime social with
club representatives from management and players, post-match events in
Legends and evening socials

AGM with club officials, usually including ITFC’s CEO and coaching staff

“Legends in Legends” matchday event, giving fans a chance to meet recent
and not-so-recent players, collect autographs, have photos taken and chat

New for 2012/13, regional evening events outside of Ipswich, taking the club
out to our wider fanbase

Relationship with ITFC
Liaison with club safety, stewards and police when complaints are received
from home and away fans

Sounding board for ITFC when looking at impact on supporters of club
decisions - e.g. what could the club do to ensure the Sir Bobby Robson
commemorations were appropriate, respectful and in line with fans
views – ITSC held a meeting to discuss, and included the independent
Supporters Trust, with Phil Ham also contributing ideas from

Provides point of contact for fans' queries to club, puts them in touch with the
right people and follows up. Fans can, of course, contact the club directly, but
many don't know who to contact or how best to approach club people.

Three members of the ITSC committee attend the club’s supporters forum

Represents fanbase at events such as wreath-laying, Sir Bobby Robson
memorial service, charity presentations, civic events, funerals and memorials

Letter to all members with season ticket/membership mailings along with
branch and committee contact details

Central and many branch events are advertised in the matchday programme

Use of local papers, radio, the ITFC website – and www.twtd.co.uk - to
advertise events

Flyers in various outlets in ground

The ITSC website has been revamped (mid-2012) – it is mainly used to
advertise our central events, for branch and central contact details and links
to branch websites and events – it deliberately does not provide match
reports, editorial or a messageboard – the official site provides most of this,
and www.twtd.co.uk does the rest (moderating a messageboard is a near-full-
time job in any case).

Representatives are in Legends Bar after every Saturday home game,
enabling any fan to come along, meet us and raise any issues

Has a dedicated phone number (+44 (0) 7968 876504 and email address

Contributes fan content in every home programme. This includes organising
our own column, a fans’ Dream Team and info on branches and all events

Most branches have websites and/or facebook pages.

Responds to media requests - TV, radio and print media - for official
supporter views on ITFC issues


Portman Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 2DA
Tel: 07968 876504 email: officialitsc@btinternet.com
website: www.itfcsupporters.co.uk